Burning Out Again? Here’s Why [VIDEO]

https://youtu.be/m52zaXaV-O0 Residual burnout is the boomerang effect that keeps on giving We all know that burnout is prevalent - in fact, it might even be more widespread as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. But, as many people who have experienced burnout will attest, recovering from burnout does not make you immune to a future … Continue reading Burning Out Again? Here’s Why [VIDEO]

The Little Word That Prevents Burnout [VIDEO]

https://youtu.be/uNoHUINQZxM Today I want to talk to you about the power of one little word to help you overcome burnout.  And that little word is… NO!  No.  It’s amazing how difficult it is for us to say “no.”  I know that when I was a little girl, “no” was equivalent to a four-letter word in … Continue reading The Little Word That Prevents Burnout [VIDEO]

Single-Tasking’s Simplicity Beats Multi-Tasking’s Complexity

The ability to efficiently multi-task has been the holy grail for many overworked employees.  The logic is that they can double their productivity (not just enhance it!) if only they can learn how to do two (or more!) tasks at the same time!   Organizational leaders encourage this behavior by believing that multi-tasking will save … Continue reading Single-Tasking’s Simplicity Beats Multi-Tasking’s Complexity

Are You Resilient at Work? [VIDEO]

The dirty little secret in many organizations is burnout -- but most companies refuse to admit it.  Instead their managers focus on building the resiliency of their employees.  It's a positive spin on an ever-growing workplace challenge.   But the truth is this: Resiliency cannot exist if you are burned out.   I focused on this issue … Continue reading Are You Resilient at Work? [VIDEO]

What IS Burnout Recovery? [VIDEO]

How do you know IF you've recovered from burnout? Based on my proprietary Burnout During Organizational Change Model (B-DOC), there are 3 stages following a burnout that leads to a full recovery. But it can take up to 2 years -- so be patient! Dr. Geri Puleo is the President/CEO of Change Management Solutions, Inc. … Continue reading What IS Burnout Recovery? [VIDEO]