How I Educated Myself OUT of the Job Market

I’ve always been a believer that knowledge is power and that it provides opportunities that might otherwise be overlooked.  Never in my wildest dreams did I believe that his knowledge and experience would be a disadvantage in the job market. Let me explain:  I’m one of those professionals who has led a dual-career track.  I’m … Continue reading How I Educated Myself OUT of the Job Market

5 Ways to Grow Your Network [VIDEO]

We've all been told to "network" in order to grow our careers -- but how do you FIND people to include in your network?  In this 9-minute video, I share 5 easy ways for you to consistently grow your network -- including the benefits that you will receive from doing so! Remember!  Your "network" is … Continue reading 5 Ways to Grow Your Network [VIDEO]

What Networking Is…and Isn’t [VIDEO]

Networking is all about creating connections -- BUT your connections don't create a viable network unless there is a mutual commitment to helping each other achieve their goals. The many misconceptions about networking serve to derail attempts to grow and sustain a network.  In this 12-minute video, I'll dive into common networking mistakes and provide … Continue reading What Networking Is…and Isn’t [VIDEO]