Paradigm Shifter #35: Single-tasking is better than multi-tasking

Paradigm Shifter #35: Single-tasking is better than multi-tasking (By Dr. Geri Puleo).

Why Do YOU “Go to Work?”

Why Do YOU “Go to Work?” Dr. Geri Puleo discusses how your answers contribute to job satisfaction.

The Paradox of Change and Stability

The Paradox of Change and Stability. Dr. Geri Puleo advises that change must be balanced with stability. The fundamental need for change/growth and stability/security is hardwired into humans. It’s about time that change leaders acknowledge this reality so that their companies can adapt to a constantly changing world without demoralizing and burning out their workers.

The Self-Talk of Burnout [VIDEO]

One of the problems with burning out is that it is normal to initially deny the feelings of overwhelm and stress.  However, there are some key phrases that people use throughout the burnout process. In less than 8 minutes, this video will reveal some of burnout’s tell-tale phrases plus the underlying thought processes of this … Continue reading The Self-Talk of Burnout [VIDEO]