Transform Fear Into Courage

As global citizens, we are communally responding to the coronavirus pandemic -- but we are doing it in a variety of ways. Some of us are frozen by fear of the unknown...fear of the radical changes in our daily habits...fear for ourselves, others, and our community. But fear can only grow through the continuous repetition … Continue reading Transform Fear Into Courage

Recovering From Burnout? Be Patient! [VIDEO]

If you have recently recognized that you are (unfortunately!) burned out AND you have begun to take proactive steps to recover (fortunately!), I have some advice: Be patient!   You didn't burn out overnight -- it's usually at least 6 months to 2 years prior to a full-blown burnout -- so your recovery needs to be … Continue reading Recovering From Burnout? Be Patient! [VIDEO]

Life Is Like Riding a Bicycle

Why do we tend to focus so much on arriving at the goal...but forget about the journey?  Why is it so easy to quit moving forward after we've reached our destination? In other words, why do we STOP moving after a perceived "end point?" Nothing in life is static.  We are constantly moving.  The goal, … Continue reading Life Is Like Riding a Bicycle

A Fresh Start After a Perceived “Failure”

Let's face it:  we've all failed -- and often quite spectacularly. How we define "failure" is closely related to our unmet expectations:  when our projected outcomes do not align with our current reality...when we judge and compare ourselves to others...when our negative self-talk plays in a demoralizing perpetual loop. We all fall down -- but … Continue reading A Fresh Start After a Perceived “Failure”

Why Burnout Is NOT Inevitable

Burnout has become rampant in the modern workplace. As the demands on our time, creativity, and problem-solving capabilities increase, this creates a stressor-rich environment that can contribute to burnout. Even though our professional and personal lives have become increasingly hectic, time-consuming, and stressful, we DON'T have to become victims of this stress by succumbing to … Continue reading Why Burnout Is NOT Inevitable

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end

Beginnings and endings:  are they really that different?  Or are they different ways of viewing the same event? To begin anew means giving up what we did in the past in order to begin unfettered in creating a new future.  A fresh beginning that allows us to to move freely forward requires accepting that the … Continue reading Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end

Knowing Is Not Enough

On some level, we all know what we need to do in order to succeed.  We've taken the courses, attended the lectures, listened to the podcasts...but somehow we tend to stay "stuck." Creating the necessary changes in our lives requires the decision to make those changes.  That means pushing down our fears and deciding that we will … Continue reading Knowing Is Not Enough

Why We Keep Asking Questions

Are we too focused on finding all the answers? As a researcher, I know that this is a controversial thought to express -- but (as every researcher knows) for every question that is answered, several more appear. Isn't this also true in our own lives?  We think we know all the answers...but then life throws … Continue reading Why We Keep Asking Questions

What Networking Is…and Isn’t [VIDEO]

Networking is all about creating connections -- BUT your connections don't create a viable network unless there is a mutual commitment to helping each other achieve their goals. The many misconceptions about networking serve to derail attempts to grow and sustain a network.  In this 12-minute video, I'll dive into common networking mistakes and provide … Continue reading What Networking Is…and Isn’t [VIDEO]

The Top 5 Listening Mistakes (What to Do Instead)

It's a proven fact:  listening is more than just the physical act of hearing.  So why do we sometimes "zone out" during conversations?  Even though we may be able to hear what is being said, it's only through aggressive listening that we can really understand what is being said -- on both denotative (definitions) and connotative (emotional) … Continue reading The Top 5 Listening Mistakes (What to Do Instead)