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Success and change without burnout by Dr. Geri Puleo

About Dr. Geri Puleo

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Dr. Geri Puleo – President/CEO, Change Management Solutions, Inc.

  • Change Management Solutions, Inc. is an eLearning company dedicated to eradicating the 5 stressors that lead to workplace burnout:
    • Job and career change (including workforce readiness and reductions)
    • Organizational change
    • Work-life imbalance
    • Poor organizational leadership and management
    • Ineffective human resources
  • Provides corporate and individual training through 3 channels:
    • On-demand, self-paced eCourses
    • Virtual eCourses blended with live online workshops
    • Intensive, customized solutions of on-demand eCourses, live webinars, and individual or group coaching
  • Visit www.gapuleo.com for more information about Dr. Puleo
  • 412.722.1020 EST

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  • Over 25 years entrepreneurial experience
  • Experienced speaker at national and regional conferences; watch her TEDx Talk on Burnout vs. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder:  More similar than you think… at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFkI69zJzLI
  • Senior-Level HR Certifications:  SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources) and SHRM-SCP (SHRM Senior Certified Professional)
  • PhD in Management specializing in organizational change and burnout
  • MA in Human Resources; MBA in Leadership
  • Relies on her dog Duke to avoid burnout!


12 thoughts on “About Dr. Geri Puleo

  1. Barbara Brennan on said:

    Desperate for advice. PTSD and dissociative disorder as well as 69 years old with communications degree.

    • Hi, Barbara –
      I’m sorry to hear about your situation. My area of expertise is burnout in the workplace (particularly during change), so I tend to focus specifically in this area rather than in the specific diagnoses that you mentioned. I have some free eCourses on burnout as well as some paid eCourses on job/career change, job burnout, and overcoming the fear of success; all these can be accessed via the tabs on my blog.
      I do hope that things turn around for you.
      Wishing you all the best,
      Dr. Geri Puleo

  2. Nicole B. Nelson on said:

    Hi Dr. Puleo,
    Is it possible to experience double or simultaneous burnout? For example, a person in the midst of a burnout at work and a burnout at home or in a relationship? If so, does it have twice the impact as well as twice the recovery time?

    Thank you,

    • Hi, Nicole –
      Hmm, I’ve never heard it described as a “double” or “simultaneous” burnout BUT, yes, I have found that burnout in one area of life seems to creep over and deteriorate other areas of life. This seems to be increasingly common — probably due to the 24/7 e-leash that many of us have with our jobs. When there is no “time off,” it becomes even harder to de-stress. Also, the boundaries between the different areas in life are becoming less defined. I’m not sure if a burnout that affects every area of someone’s life would increase the recovery time (I haven’t done any specific research on that), but I do think that the feelings can be more intense because there is no “safe place” to escape from the burnout producing situation; this would make it harder to recover.
      Thanks so much for your excellent questions — you’ve given me some ideas for new research!
      Wishing you all the best,
      Dr. Geri Puleo

  3. Do you have a book or recommend any books on the subject. Have had burnout for years – can a particular diet help – or program/routine.

    • Hi, P –
      I’m in the process of finalizing on-demand training programs and white papers to help people avoid & overcome burnout. A healthy diet with limited (if any) processed foods seem to help. Exercise (whatever type you like & will actually do) not only reduces stress but also can help with burnout-related sleep disturbances. I’ve also posted several webinars on different aspects of burnout, which should also give you some insights. The longer programs and books will be announced on this website — so I hope that you’ll continue to visit this blog.
      Take care & best of luck — you CAN overcome burnout!!!
      Dr. Geri Puleo

      • I just tripped upon your ted talk… and you are a visionary! This is exactly my experience as a woman in the film industry for my entire life. The world needs to listen to what you have to say! Most of us “burned out” employees know exactly what you are talking about when it comes to employee policies/healthier work environments equaling greater productivity. This is why we get out, because at some point it becomes entirely senseless and unproductive. I want to help you move your mission forward, please let me know how I can help.

      • Hi, MK –
        Thank you SO much for your very kind words! My goal is to try to bring humanism back into the workplace — when this happens, there is greater respect, higher morale, less burnout, and better performance/productivity. Feel free to contact me at gapuleo@Comcast.net.
        Once again, thanks so much — I’m glad so that my work is resonating with people!
        Dr. Geri Puleo

  4. I’ve been experiencing burnout since starting a new job in IT healthcare technology (March 2014).

    After my military service ended in 2000, I studied psychology in undergrad and graduate school because I felt that knowing about human behavior would serve me better than a degree in business practices/theory that eventually becomes obsolete over time, especially in today’s hurried and technology saturated workplace.

    Since I began working in corporate America in 2003, I’ve experienced much of what your research details, and I’ve poured over countless articles about workplace stress/burnout/leadership paradigms, etc.

    Your website/blog is the most comprehensive with true “depth” on the WHY of how burnout happens and HOW to change burnout. Because of your personal experience and background, you bring to the forefront subjects and details that others miss or do not address in their research much of the time—the HUMAN factor.

    I know that corporate America is not for me and I plan on taking a long term sabbatical when I turn 50 to “decompress”, relocate, downsize, and transition to a more peaceful lifestyle/career in holistic health/organics and I will work part-time only so that I focus on endeavors/volunteerism that will feed me positively, rather than negatively.

    But in the interim, I know I need to find ways to be able to handle the corporate workplace until I reach my financial and planning goals for my “Alie’s Walden: Walk Away from Corporate America for Good” plan. I have three years to go until I finally walk away….that will be a glorious day.

    In the few hours I’ve read your blog today, I feel at peace (and that I am not crazy for wanting to stay above the dysfunctional paradigms that define so many workplaces including the one I am currently in).

    I will continue to pour over your postings for a daily respite of encouragement.


    • Hi, Alie –
      I’m so glad that this blog has been helpful to you and that this will help you for “Alie’s Walden” in the near future! It takes a great deal of courage to go off the grid and move away from corporate America — but I firmly believe that this is an important trend that will eventually lead to a new way to work. Please keep us posted on your progress and best of luck!
      Dr. Geri Puleo

  5. Deidre Black on said:

    Do you offer private sessions .

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