Burning Out Again? Here’s Why [VIDEO]

Residual burnout is the boomerang effect that keeps on giving

We all know that burnout is prevalent – in fact, it might even be more widespread as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But, as many people who have experienced burnout will attest, recovering from burnout does not make you immune to a future episode.

The question is: why?

Burnout and PTSD are very similar:

  • Sleep disturbances and nightmares about the extreme stressor are common
  • The response to the stressor is often one of fear and hopelessness
  • Many people experience depression and tend to withdraw from aspects of their lives
  • In addition to mood changes, there is often generalized irritability and even anger
  • A prominent coping mechanism is to avoid any activities that promote recall of the stressor or traumatic event

Based on my research that culminated in the Burnout During Organizational Change Model (or B-DOC), it is this final coping mechanism that leads to residual burnout.

But what is residual burnout? What triggers this “boomerang” effect into another downward spiral into burnout? In this brief video (less than 3 minutes), I’ll answer these and other questions to help you identify the symptoms that indicate that residual burnout is imminent.

© 2021 G. A. Puleo.  Dr. Geri Puleo, SPHR, is the President and CEO of Change Management Solutions, Inc., an eLearning and Coaching company focused on transforming the world of work by eradicating burnout.  To contact Dr. Puleo, please go to www.gapuleo.com

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