What do you REALLY need to recover from burnout?

Symptoms of Stress - Ball

COVID-19 is real and has been affecting the way in which we work and live.  WFH (work from home) has changed our routines — and is causing many of us to realize that our previous schedules were highly stressful.

Perhaps during this time of remote working and WFH, we can take stock of how stressed out we have been…and what we need to do now to de-stress and recover from burnout.

The problem is that there is no “silver bullet” to avoid burnout:  it’s the accumulation of personality traits, workplace stressors, and physical health (the Burnout Triumvirate) – and it’s somewhat different for every burned out person.

How did you recover from burnout?   

Burnout recovery takes many forms, so I’m currently conducting research on what people have done to recover from burnout.  These insights will be included in a new course that I’m developing to help people not only recover from burnout, but also move forward to create success on their own terms.

Would you be interested in sharing your thoughts on burnout recovery? [NOTE: This survey is now closed.]

If you’d like to contribute your insights into what you really needed to recover from burnout, please click here to take my 8-question survey — your insights will be part of my research into burnout recovery.

I hope that you and your family are safe and healthy during the pandemic.

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2 thoughts on “What do you REALLY need to recover from burnout?

  1. Burnout is one of those factors that, as you said, can’t be easily avoided. This is especially true for those that work long hours and don’t take time for needed breaks. I believe finding a work-life balance goes a long way in reducing the risk of burnout.

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