Are You Resilient at Work? [VIDEO]

The dirty little secret in many organizations is burnout — but most companies refuse to admit it.  Instead their managers focus on building the resiliency of their employees.  It’s a positive spin on an ever-growing workplace challenge.  

But the truth is this:

Resiliency cannot exist if you are burned out.  

I focused on this issue in my keynote address for the Pittsburgh Human Resource Associations’ annual conference, where I spoke about How to Stop Workplace Burnout and Build Employee Resiliency.

I also inadvertently presented a real-time case study on “resiliency in action” when the technology CRASHED — about 10 minutes into my hour-long presentation!

Rather than stressing out or waiting for the tech guy to fix the problem, I adapted.  Since I was prepared and passionate about spreading my message on eradicating workplace burnout, I went “old school” without PowerPoints or any other tech.

Being resilient means being prepared AND being conscious that “life happens when you’re planning something else.”  Since part of my business is presenting keynote addresses, I was able to “walk the talk” that being resilient is critical to doing your job well — and enjoying what you’re doing!

In this post-keynote interview, I share some of my insights into the symptoms of burnout, why its victims are often professionally stigmatized, how companies can help build employee resiliency, and how I personally avoid burnout.

P.S.:  This keynote is published on PHRA’s YouTube channel.

©2020 Dr. Geri Puleo

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