Yep, Chronic Workplace Stress Leads to Burnout… [VIDEO]

The World Health Organization has finally recognized burnout as a workplace phenomenon arising from…you guessed it…chronic job stress.  This is something that we’ve all been painfully aware of, but W.H.O.’s inclusion of burnout in its 11th Revision of the International Classification of Diseases as a workplace phenomenon is a game changer.  

As I mentioned in my TEDx Talk, burnout is very similar to PTSD — which is a de facto disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act in the U.S.  So I speculated that if burnout could be similarly categorized, employers would be required to provide reasonable accommodations to burned out workers.

Employers must start doing something to mitigate the high degree of stress in their workplaces in order to prevent employee burnout.  

In this short video, I’ll share a few of the organizational factors that my research has shown can lead to burnout.

Copyright 2019 G. A. Puleo

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