A New Way to Work

Success and change without burnout by Dr. Geri Puleo

Perfectionism and Burnout: Why Perfectionists Burn Out Faster (Webinar Presented by Dr. Geri Puleo)

Perfectionism is a double-edged sword.  Yes, perfectionists are driven toward excellence but their definition of “excellence” is often quite different from what others consider to be excellent.  As a result, they are much more susceptible to burning out as a result of their efforts.

This 6-minute “mini” webinar discusses not only some of the common thought processes that influence the way in which perfectionists work, but also ways to help perfectionists understand the important difference between “excellence” and “perfection.”

Dr. Geri Puleo, SPHR, is the President and CEO of Change Management Solutions, Inc., an eLearning company focused on techniques to eliminate the 5 workplace stressors that create and sustain burnout:  Job Change, Organizational Change, Work-Life Imbalance, Poor Leadership and Management, and Ineffective Human Resources.  An entrepreneur for over 25 years, author, blogger, career coach, university professor, and researcher, you can see her “in action,” watch her TEDx Talk on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFkI69zJzLI.  To contact Dr. Puleo, please go to www.gapuleo.com

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